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Surf Spots Panama - Playon

Last time I wrote a bit about the colon surfing area in Panama. Since most of it is all ready written here on that surf spot (isla grande), I will write a bit about this new nearby surf sport for now.

Basically I got a phone call from a great friend of mine (Mahestro Shoei) who had just arrive from a Morocco surf trip on friday past week. My surf friends had told me that the winds were west which is when the surf is best in Colon.

Once we showed up, waves were truly amazing! According to Shoei it is also amazing to be able to land from Morocco into Panama and a few hours later your surfing amazing waves as well in some other ocean. Its just the perspective I got from my friend Shoei who had just surf huge waves out in that sector of the surf map. Hearing this from him made Panama cooler!

Here are only a few surf pictures of what Playon "home town" Colon can get like...

Hope you enjoy....



Views from the under...

The FUTURE holding on

Some lefts were also kicking!

Isla at its best!

My friend "Huevo / Egg" Hidro/Aerodinamicaly ripping it! Lets just say amphibeously...

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