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Diego Salgado

DIEGO SALGADO has been around Panama for quite some time. His talent speaks more than his mouth when it comes down to surfing and rather give evidence of expression sessions without articulating verbally.  His articulation is based on skeleton movements while keeping afloat on a surfboard. Back in the day, his father came to Panama from Brazil and started surfing the famous Santa Catalina. Falling in love with Catalina made him buy property which makes this world class wave be Diego's frontyard and main training center. I cant remember when I met this guy but its been about 10 years now, great times surfing and partying during my college years. To close I will say he is one of the most talented surfers in this region and despite him being good or making a living of the surfing industry he will not say a word about surf or anything at all. Keep letting the surf peak for its self and enjoy the ride!

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