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Chiriqui Surf

After a 2 month vacation I decided to post some of the shots I took on the way. A group of friends had been in touch we me to check out an amazing island over in Chiriqui so I decided to pack and jump in the adventure. After a 4.5 hour drive and 1.5 hour boat ride we approached the wave and was just epic!! Unfortunately 2 of our good friends got hit by a car and died this weekend. Marcos and Gustavo, where ever you guys are at you both will always be remembered in our hearts! Keep ripping where ever you guys are at as I will follow to take some type of pictures when ever I get there.

Note: These pictures are not edited or cropped in exception of the first and blood dive. They could do better for sure

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Tania Correa (Team Hurley)

La Arania Vasques (Ricki Carles)

The Elixir (z boy) Arias

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