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Panama Bocas del Toro Surf - Bluff - Paunch

I am back! Its been a hell of a beginning and ending of year! As some of you guys might have read before, I am a Panama tour operator and right now its high season so this means working with other services such as a Bocas del Toro surf camp at red frog, list of people coming in, schedules, dates, programs, luggage, drivers, buses, planes, yachts, sailing, hotels, logistics, boats and anything you can imagine in this country’s daily activities in tourism in general.

Last time I posted some pics was for the yearly North swell at my dad’s house. December came in and BOOM! work came in as well. Its not until now that I am able to breath a bit.

When that swell passed, more NE swells started hitting the Atlantic Coast of Panama. I decided to take a new-year trip to Bocas del Toro with my friend Diego Salgado who is now second time National Surf Champ. Its always fun to travel with this guy! He is now in Hawaii with my other friend Bill Pfeiffer who is an experienced surf filmmaker. Too bad I could not make it on this one guys!

During the Panama surf vacation I was able to take shots at Bluff, Carenero, Curve and Paunch of which I am only posting 2 of these areas since I left my hard drive at home.

Here is a bit on the Bocas surf scene then;

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