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Panama Surf Spots - Maria Chiquita and P11's

Here are few shots of the yearly North West swell everyone waits on the Atlantic Coast. The NE region of Bocas del Toro, Colon and San Blas gets partially ignored by the usual 4 month NE swell that consistently strikes this region during Dec, Jan, Feb and March. Every person owning property in front of the ocean around this NW region stresses every second as 6 to 8 ft swell smashes against their assets! We track the swell once it appears on the forecast around the Gulf of Mexico and ends up being like an indicator for our dry season. Enjoy!

My dads back yard going off!

Maria Chiquita Going off!

Greese greasing it

Going retro short shorts!

A left hand sai at maria chiquita

I will post more pics when I get a chance!

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