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Felipe Arias

Felipe Arias is unique. He keeps him self moving along with quivers (which include a blue pill single fin, short-boards, twin finner, long board skateboard, shortboard skateboards, video camera and a guitar), lives a thrifting life traveling the world recording his trips and sponsored by him self. He surfs retro style, but you will not see him trying to pop airs or aggressive turns, his surfing is like bread and butter, happy soft turns, large drops, barrels and life's inspiration. But these external points don't make Felipe unique; but its the "punkrock, hippie, blues vibe" mechanism that sets him apart. His perspectives are deep and thoughtful and better described as pure honesty, anti hypocrite, fuck off rocker, peace and love hippie surfing drifter...

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He isn't the way he is because it's cool to be a free-surfer and he doesn't ride boards because its cool to do so.

Perhaps the best way to answer the question is to say that Felipe Arias is a free humble philosopher about life and music-- a very raw description in a culture full of men with fucked up egos, childish behavior and lack of music and cultural art. What is Felipe like?

PanamaSurfPhotos: Can we start off, Felipe, with a little bit on where did you grew up?

Felipe: I grew up in Panama city and Taboga a small island by Panama City.

PanamaSurfPhotos. What was your parents life like when you were a kid?

Felipe: Lots of ocean life, boats and youthful mischief, my parents where happy and hardworking.

PanamaSurfPhotos: I understand your father is a very successful business minded person and experienced business man. Did they ever positively support your influence in music and boardsports or tried forcing you to become a corporate mind?

Felipe: No they pretty much let me do my own thing, even though i was kinda weird growing up
playing punk and skating and stuff...but my dad would go to some of that gigs and enjoy them
he also helped me built my first lunch ramp and mini half so that was pretty cool. They've enjoyed my wierdness i hope.
PanamaSurfPhotos Panamanians are very judgmental and it seems like your vision and experiences of travel / books not found in Panama have turned you into a "wild card figure" in this conservative and religiously mixed culture,how do you feel internally?
Felipe: i feel stoked... i don't care about people who don't matter to me
i only care about the people who do there own thing and
really don't give a fuck. I think that's inspirational.
PanamaSurfPhotos. So there is a quiver in your heart?
Felipe: Single fins got my soul...
PanamaSurfPhotos Obviously as a free surfer, there’s no points that you’re chasing in Panama's professional surfworld. But is there something that you’re chasing that’s of some sort of value?
Felipe: yeah am searching for fun, illumination and tranquility some smiles too those are good. Am on the fun plan like mark Gonzales, having fun is the most important thing in life for me and being humble.
PanamaSurfPhotosSpiritually, is prayer something that you actively set out and do?
Felipe: Well surfing is a type of prayer or ritual with the ocean. Thats why i do it too. The ocean
cleans your karma and checks it too.
PanamaSurfPhotosIs there a higher power that you look to?
Felipe: Am a Buddhist i think the most important thing is believing in yourself instead of something imaginary. I believe in the Universe, in the planet earth and it's need to be respected, in metaphysics and the mysterious power of energy and vibe.
PanamaSurfPhotos How do you measure success?
Felipe: By your inner level of true happiness. If your a millionare but your bumed it sucks. If your poor and stoked your killing it.
PanamaSurfPhotos: Let's bring it back to surfing and being in the water. Do you consider the act you do on the wave an act of sport or an act of art?
Felipe: shit, am just having fun. But surfing is an art form for skating too i related more to music than a sport like basketball or something.
PanamaSurfPhotos How integral is surfing in relation to who you are and how you present yourself? What percentage of surfing and the need to go surfing creates Felipe Arias?
Felipe: thats wierd question...i like surfing....its fun and you get to be in the ocean and
experience its power and strength. The ocean is like a living god so you can test yourself, measure yourself with the ocean, check your karma on a big day. Get something that's in your head visualizing it and then making it real that's cool too.
PanamaSurfPhotos.Have you ever been in a fight in the water?
Felipe: No i've never been in a fight. I don't like fights, i like arguing and testing peeoples
wits and brain capacity. Just lyrical thought confrontation i like, but physical is gay
i don't like fighting it's a real bummer.
PanamaSurfPhotos.Where do you see your self in 5 years?
Felipe: Hopefully alive and healthy, still playing music skating and surfing.
And with a big smile on my face, i hope i've seen a couple of more places in the world
Japan, Indonesia, Hawaii and Aussie land sound good.
PanamaSurfPhotosThanks for the words and keep rocking!
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