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Secret Surfing

Panahopoo (the least famous park in the world) is a Secret Surfing spot in Panama and here are my last surfing pictures. After years of personal surf experience, I came to the conclusion that this surf spot is truly the most challenging in the region. Not because of wave size but for the way it actually picks up, the way you have to approach the break, the razor sharp fire coral reef and all wild hazards around it. '

In order for us to get to this Secret Surfing spot and take some good surfing pictures you need to enter a swampy zone, there are salt water crocks, millions of killer ants and many other things that are "watching you" but you cannot tell they are there.

The first thing is making it to the first reef head, very sharp and far out from the shore which happens to be a swamp it self. You wonder about the wild life the whole time while carrying your camera case, housing and all necessary to take the surfing pictures. The second step is jumping inside a river mouth that flows out of a swamp following to lift your self up on top a second reef head. Once you arrive the surf, there is a tremendous amount of razor blade fire coral heads that will rip and burn your skin in matter of seconds. This secret surfing spot is not for beginners and booties are a must if you dont know what you are doing!


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