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Bocas del Toro Accident

Some times you dont expect to spend money on traveling to get hurt! Las year I had a call from Bolivar Andres who invited me over to take some shots of Manuel and Gary over at Bocas del Toro. I took the first flight out, had the tiny breakfast that the airline offers and landed in Bocas at 8 am. By 9 am I was in the water and took some shots, at 12 I was feeling really bad, low pressure, etc. could not scream enough to tell my friends that I was feeling bad, had no energy. Next, a boat shows up and as soon as he approaches me "I was sitting on a Panga Boat" I step up and try to avoid boats from crashing, well, they did and my toe was in the middle. I LOST MY NAIL COMPLETELY AND CRACK MY TOE! OOUCH!!

Some NEGATIVE results after Paunch Session!!! Ouch!
Got my toe smashed crossing from Bolivar's Panga to another one!!!
Entire nail out! big crack in the middle! I am actually taking 1 shot per day until its cured!

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This is how a happy toe ended!

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