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Snap Sequence by Matt Pagan

After meeting Brandon Bowden "Neighbor in Manhattan Beach" I was able to meet with some Body Glove people. I did not get to meet them directly, only Bryce White who was responsible for their water shot photography. Bryce is a good guy with a good vibe as well. Here is a sequence of a snap with style and a description of the performer Matt Pagan.

Matt said:

Stoked to see the Fidel made it up to Cali. Although it probably wasn't as good as Panama, this was a really fun day at home.

In the first couple shots of the sequence, I'm setting up my turn off the top. My bottom turn is low (could be lower too) and I am eyeing out the section I want to nail. I'm also setting up the turn to spray my good friend Alex Gray on the shoulder! As soon as I see the my section of the wave I want to hit, I pivot my shoulders and head to where I want my body to go. Where your head goes, your body will follow. So after you see the section you're about to hit, you're lower body will take the board there and as you torque your shoulders and head back toward the pit of the wave, it will create a whip and that's when water fliieesss and your speed will come out of the turn. So just remember to keep your weight on your back foot, have your hands relaxed so that they can react to whatever move you're doing and have fun!


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