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Surf Travel in Panama

Surf Travel in Panama is amazing! you can simply jump in and enjoy without the hassle of using a wetsuit, crowds, spending a lot of money, etc. I have been involved in the Panama Surf Travel industry since 2001 and it would be a pleasure assisting any interested group.



- Private Surf Trips for experienced and Professional Surfers

Mayor clients: (Quicksilver Travel, Waterways - Boat Charters, Land Roving Tours)

- Private Surf Trips for Beginners

Mayor clients: (Broadreach Travel, other private companies and independent groups)

- Fishing Charters (Both Oceans, all Over Panama!)

Mayor clients: (US Goverment)

Why me?

- I have a formal legal structure and formality with the Panamanian Gov. "No other surf travel company has this".

- A legal bond with the Government means I cannot take your money and run away.

- The only way to get a legal structure or "Type A License" is by proving the Gov you know what you are dealing with.

- I have gotten to meet all hotel owners in the surf regions and seen the good / bad in each sector since I was a grom surfer.

- The proof of my local surf knowledge is in my photography.

- You might score great shots to take home. No other company offers this.

- I truly love both, photography and surf travel logistics. Other companies do it for the money and will try to even sell you investments for marked up prices, I can always help on anything with real deals for real prices.


Among all 8 years doing operating tours in panama and all 28 years living in different regions of the country (Chiriqui, Colon, Panama City, Bocas, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean) I have been able to understand my country, its people, whats is best and where is best to surf. Once a clients gets involved, I put my self in my clients shoes makes it easy for all, its like arranging a trip for my self based on my experiences "from childhood untill today" with a given budget and expectation.

Some of the usual questions are, which yacht will we use? which plane will we fly in? which is the best vehicle for this group? what hotel is best for their age? wonder if they expect to eat tons of meat or fish on this trip? wonder if the restaurant near the hotel will be good? wonder if this young group will drink tons of beer? and there are many many more questions I conclude and make the best out of it.

Soon I will be launching surf charters and trips to new destinations that no other company will be able to offer, I have taken my time to explore the unexplored, to make the formal relationships with the best boats for the best prices and the best surf breaks for the best times!

If you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to ask me, my personal e mail is and my company's email is

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