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Surf Expo

My first surf expo pictures are here! finally done after 12 months of pushing this, my surfer friend and artist Jaime Noia pushed me into it by asking and then putting me on his event flyer. I had been saving surf photo files for over a year that said: "to print" and never did. The truth is... I thought it was going to be risky, Panamanians are spoiled and I contributed with that by giving pictures for free for over 1 year. I mean, I do this for fun and dont want to change it! However, it would be great if I could improve my equipment after this first camera and housing pays it self off with some sales...traveling also costs $...

The surf population here is small and this means only one thing, "the industry is small". Due to this matter, I did not expect a lot of people and I did it on a Monday! Mondays are the least important day of the week for an event or restaurant. I still did it "to do it"!

Who ever showed up, I thank! who ever did not, thanks! The Surf Expo 2009 was great, showing pictures of empty lineups, and mind filled with great memories was simply good!

Thanks to Ricardo J. Alfaro (Team Hurley) who printed my shots! Looking forward to do this
every year and ready to project my self for a Surf Expo 2010!

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