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Quick Trip with Dion Agius, Chippa Wilson, Dillon Perillo and Jimmy from Surfing Magazine

It was a regular day like to today "start with coffee, then e mails, phone calls, then list of errands to execute, etc" when the phone rings and I hear; P11! there are a few rippers being imported from Kangaroo Land and we need your help with transportation and water shots. Since lately I've been figuring out the balance in between priorities "a real money making project VS fun watershots" it was hard to decide. Somehow, I ended up going for a day... it was my home town so why not show them whatzzup, right?.

At last minute I jumped into the micro bus that Diego (National Champ), Bolivar Andres and every one else were on. Introduced my self the Panamanian way "LATE and LAST" to the small group of surfers "Chippa, Dion, Dillon, Jimmy, Aussie friend and Assie Video Kid = rare version of karate kid from Australia". Then gave them a quick over view of Panama City and the ways things operate as we head into the bushes of the Pirate Smelling Altantic Ocean. Waves were not that good and the day was gray like my brain matter. Furthermore, there was a tiny bit of current that made me think about pregnant birds while these rippers busted some aerials. In the end, the image of pregnant birds, the bit of current and gray day did not allow me to shoot the way I wanted. I might've needed more than 3 hours or maybe 2 cans of red bull but we must also consider that I was / currently suffering from bronchitis and a sinus infection that made me weak / lacking of Oxigen. Coughing sounds were making these units wonder what the f@ck was wrong with this white Indian...

On the way back we got harrased by a group of military corrupt cops, but since Its not my first time, the way out went smooth. Im sure that it would have cost some time and effort ($$$) for any lonely foreigner on that one. The trip was relaxing... I am back doing the calls, following up on the mails and fixing my lungs. Soon Panama will have the ISA World Master Championship and I need to be fixed by then... Cheers and good day.

Here are a few shots of the trip;

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