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Porsche Panamera Test - Surfing vs Porsching

After some months of being away from this blog, I have to thank my readers once more for taking time to read raw and misspelled words. This story starts when a random call from the car brand "Porsche" decides to put me in charge of coordinating spots to shoot the new "Porsche Panamera" in my native territory.

Note: What you are about to read, might not make sense. If it does, thank the good of "sense".

According to Wikipedia:

  • A person who exhibits a "superficial" comprehension of some or many subjects may be negatively attributed as being shallow, materialistic, and even exhibiting false emotions through an exaggerated affect display. Occasionally they may be pseudo-intellectual.
  • In terms of emotion, superficial is used in a number of ways to refer principally to a display of emotion which is not necessarily genuine. For example, to display 'superficial charm' refers to someone who externally appears genuine and charming yet is intentionally appearing so, perhaps for personal gain.
After a recent superficial experience and sour taste of the surf industry, German Top Photographer Frank Ornel walks in the Porsche conference room and starts expressing him self about our photographic mission.

"We wanted to shoot the Panamera Porsche in Panama"

Is this man Superficial? I doubt it...

It is important to mention that Frank and the crew are from STUTTGART, Germany. It seems to be a place where people eat, drink and smell cars all day. My type of place...

After presenting samples of his work, exposing kind words of photographic wisdom and a reconfirmation of our mission, we were now clear that we "must" apply teoretical and practical fun about shooting the Panamera in a different way; represent people, represent non traditional car shots and most important represent knowledge of what hell we were doing. To me, that was not the direct answer to my mission, I was not meant to be shooting, I was meant to be driving and picking places to shoot a "car". It was now the first time I ever thought about my main bread and butter "Tourism vs photography" and "Photography vs Watershots".

Within the first hours of driving the 450 hp vehicle , I was now heading towards the Atlantic Coast with Oliver. Frank and Coco were in another car following and shooting from outside the Panamera. The lessons starts here and finishes 4 days later after a serious, fun and fulfilling photographic experience.


Frank Orel Lesson:

- There is always something good to shoot even with bad rainy days.
- Dont ever be to optimistic, there might be another train at the end of the tunnel.
- I am the sunshine of my life
- A point and shoot camera is not a bad camera, its just different "is not the arrow, is the indian".
- Remember "the good times"
- You can always use a Model Car to shoot interesting backgrounds.
- While Panama's City River flows with human waste, Stuttgart River's flow with mayor car brands (Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, etc)


- Dont care much about the exposure diagram, use your eye, you like it? you keep it!
- What doesnt work, throw away!
- Without words: Get Photoshop, its worth it!


- Everyone wants to be in the picture, even when they say they dont!
- Cleaning a DSLR sensor is not that difficult as it seems


- Without words: Always take a pocket note pad and write your thoughts if you want to be a wirtter. "This blog is not the case, im so sure I learned way much more, just cant remember".

The Team Lesson:

- Drinking a few beers and then coffee can be a good mix.
- Shooting a story of car takes more than one photographer to do it with intensity.

After driving a couple thousand kilometers, stopping at nice backgrounds, shooting in illegal spots, driving within a correct distance related to Frank's second car speed, Coco's interior lense, Oliver's exterior Lense and Elmer writting about it; I was able to now try my own shots and experiment some of the mind opening experience...

Here are a few samples of 3 different cameras used in few moments I was able to get out of the car;

Shots with a Istant Film Camera (Fishe Eye Modification)

Frank M. Orel (Right)

Shots with a Canon 40 D - 10-22 mm and 50 mm lenses

Oliver Kronening (

The Written Plan

Great Editor - Coco and Writter - Elmer

Next Step for the German Team "NEW YORK"

I got to share some real quality time shooting with veterans or "RENTNERS" as Frank M. Orel, Elmar Brummer, "Coco" and Oliver Kroning.

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