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Playa Venao Panama

In december 2010 I decided to move out to Playa Venao Panama with my wife. A foreign group of investors reached me and offered me to join their team.

The Peninsula de Azuero is located at 5 hours from Panama City, Curves, Hills, wet dry weather, regardless of its distance you can only feel that you are getting closer to something good. Green pasture fields, hills, rivers, great scenes surround the region and much more... The most interesting for a surfer will be its coastline. The Azuero peninsula has docens of surfbreaks for all levels and in this post I will show its most famous wave, Playa Venao or Bambi Beach.

Playa Venao held the World Cup of Surfing not too long ago but unfortunately I had to migrate into the city for business. While I was at the city doing business, uncle Bruce Boal from was peninsula cattle dreaming in my house making company to my cats. Cheers uncle!

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