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Ciudad de Panama 2013

    Its been about 6 years since I started to shoot photos. Originally I believed photography was easy and was ment for people who liked to look cool, pick girls, etc. Once I started shooting was for other reasons; back therapy, swiming, mental therapy and its why I choose to do it in the water shooting surfers mostly. Eventually I realized there are tons of technical stuff that I am sure still have not learned. Last night I decided to go above, drink a few beers, relax, play with my cameras and see what came out. Sure, today I know there are better lenses, better cameras but wtf its just having fun.

¨Panama City¨.

     Panama City is a incredible place full of resources; tons of money coming in from all sources for a few pockets and same do the waves only a few know how or where to find them when it gets croweded. For a lot of people its hard to believe, this is not Nicaragua nor Costa Ricas main city San Jose. Here you can  smell concrete, you can party all night, do busiess and in less than a few hours be in a total different atmosphere than where you orginated. Best of all, you can feel free. Enjoy....

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