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Panama Pictures - Pedasi

On my last trip to one of Panama's Beaches I headed out to Pedasi and happened to get across a traditional Panamanian wedding. This really got me as one of my grandmothers is from that area. As soon as we got to Pedasi "Las Tablas" and Chitre I noticed that there was something going on. Cars on the side of the road, people dressed up in the whitest traditional customs, bulls with all the fancy leather seat and equipment. The town at Pedasi is very nice, clean and quite. Best of all, people are very friendly. Usually you hear about envy from poor people and that is something that has always called my attention coming from Colon which is where I spent a great portion of my life. As many people know Colon city is very poor and has a bad fame for crime. Growing up in Colon was enough to realize that people in that area really believe that if you own a nice car is a reason to scratch it or not like you for it. Its just something cultural that in the past had its own saying (La Envidia Mata). Luckily that is not the case in the Peninsula de Azuero. Azuero is a place where people actually value education, their assets which in most cases are nice 4x4 vehicles and cattle. Even tho these people don't have that much of wealth in comparison to other places in Panama I personally consider them the richest. The reason for such though is just the paradise they live in, the low necessities they have and the ease to live with nearby beaches and surf...

As a tour operator in Panama I can honestly say that the Azuero area is great for a family trip. There you will find enough amenities to not rough it out and its very safe. In Chitre and Las Tablas you will find stores that sell all sorts of stuff for not more than $5 - $10 bucks. Old churches and adobe homes are still seen...

Here are some shots of what I saw on the way;

People Shopping

Main Street

Adobe Home


Men's Traditional Custom and in a rush to a wedding!

More people rushing! The kid was actually crying because of the rush...

Possible future wife of the kid on the top picture rushing as well...

Eco friendly convertible limousine.

Front View of the limo and the driver.

The Bride!

The sound system rocking the house!

The swimming pool at the party!

The Diving Board!

Their backyard and pet house.

The beach and surf!

A few years back before the real estate boom happened, I happened to ask for a piece of beach front property near this area. The owner who happened to be a local farmer did not allowed me to segregate a piece. His reason was his cows! I need my complete far so my pets are comfortable. If you want to buy, you buy all! If not then don't even ask me, my cows are first! These people live good from the cattle and farms.

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