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surf the channel

Surf the channel could mean: paddling into a surf break through a deeper paddling zone or not surfing directly through the inside or "impact zone" of a surf break!

People tend to paddle through the impact zone to make it faster to the point or drop zone. This pisses off the beginners and makes them wanna rip harder. The deal is, guys that paddle directly into the drop zone had to go through this punishment so all beginners should spend more time in the water in order to give some pressure to the stronger more experienced ones. Its like the chain of life, new generations will eventually push the ones that were once beginners.

Here is a little bad poem in the name of surf beginners.

surf the channel like an archangel
eat fruits to be like Daniel
when your shorts are filled with water
come to me like cause Ill be your saver
wax will be all over to keep track of the ripping pacer

Barrels of fire over you
restore your mind to win the lottery
Kill it again with tons of pottery
Your eyes are green like an aliens artery
This poem is bad so Ill post some surf pictures

Surf the Channel

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