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free anonymous surfing

Free anonymous surfing sessions is the name I would give to a foreign surfer or newbie that enjoys surfing in a foreign surf break without problems. Once a person has been injected with the adrenalin rush that surfing provides, you will figure out that you have fallen into a drug addiction, that you can no longer stay out of the water. This means that every single local surf addict will either be your friend or enemy.

Regular working class people tend to wake up every morning with nothing in their minds but maybe coffee, toasts, what ever there is to eat and the worst, going to their jobs. The case is that surfers are like workers, but they wake up even earlier than workers! The difference is that Surfers do have something in mind! Barrels, aerials, turns, winds, tides and other friends that will probably be waiting for them in the line up. The only possible way an addict surfer is out of the water is probably because the tides killed the session or because they are hungry. Other do it because they have a non surfing girlfriend that has been frying under the sun for hours holding the same cosmopolitan magazine from last trip.

Sometimes its not good to be surfing without recognition because you can end up under the sight of an evil eye surfing group. It’s like a natural instinct or human behavior to feel that being part of a surfing group will protect you from sharks or even aliens. However, there is always a good technique to experience a free anonymous surfing session

This technique is a little perspective I learned in political science. Power VS Authority. When you are in the water, you will see a lot of stronger guys than you out there. Some of them don’t even surf that good, but will come towards you and give you the evil eye or even try to punch you to take waves from the peak.

The definition of Power is to manipulate something by the use of force, just like dictatorships! The army uses guns to take over on the politician’s authority. However, there is always a bigger authority (international laws) that will defeat this at some point. Its important to say that Authority is given not taken!

The bottom line is, when there are big crowds, big guys, big waves and big rocks in a surf session. The best technique for free anonymous surfing is to rip harder than the rest! Make the other surfers give you the authority to take waves without using force! It takes years for a human to rip hard and get to this level of authority, but the point is, train hard, metalize your self positively, keep a good attitude inside and outside the water and you will be able to enjoy a free anonymous surfing session anywhere in the world!

Here are a few pictures of anonymous surfers in a anonymous surf break

free anonymous surfing

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