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Panama Surf Travel - Playon 2009

A few weeks back I got a call from Mr. Peter Novey from EL REVOLVER suggested we took a trip to a place where surf dreams can come true. What am I talking about? crystal clear barrels, no one out, golden sand, no one out, warm water, no one out, gated piece of land, no one out...

We showed up, scored, did it again every weekend for a month and all of a sudden thanks to facebook, we found a crowd, yes, I Fu!#R up! Social media can make this happen but the truth is, the gated property was opened as there is a house being built so they need trucks to go in and out as well as giving the opportunity for others to do the same. Oh well... Life is like a box of chocolate!

After a short drive on the new corridor we got to the spot and went driectly to the point, surf, shoot some photos and enjoy the day. Not much to say about this spot, somewhere in this blog you will find some old stuff from 2007. Just look for Playon Panama surf spot.

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