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Endless Summer Panama

Endless Summer Panama is what I have recently have been experiencing on this small region of the planet. Im sure a lot of people ask them selves, where the hell is Panama? or they might think of Panama as an indian tribe area with "The Panama Canal". I cannot generalize about this but what I can really assure is that Panama has an Endless summer.

I will now give you reasons off top of my mind why:

1) Panama has 50% sun 50% rain year round. December to March is full sun all day! Offshore too all day.

2) Panama is a 360 day vacation, there is surf and parties every day of the year. And if there there is non I could make a few quick calls and arrange one for you (I dont party much).

3) Panama has the shape of an "S" so there is swell exposure on every direction of your compass.

4) There are two oceans at 1 hour away from each other so if there is no swell on the Pacific then you go to the Atlantic.

5) If it rains it will be for not more than 5 hours. Thank god for 12 hours of sun! rain will not kill you here "only if thunders" and after its gone its only oil to be ridden.

There are many other reasons why this country feels like summer year round, cops are flexible if you speed or flexible in general, you are free to do anything you want really, outside of the city there is not even cellphone signal so once you are out of the city you might find your self like back in the days, no internet, no blackberry or I phone so check the swell forecast quickly and go enjoy the endless summer panama offers. Its year rounds surf in warm water waves of all types. Here is a flash gallery for you guys to enjoy of the past year traveling around Panama. These are only Panamanian people and spots in exeption of my loving mermaid from Kauai who is always a pleasure to have around.

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