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Panama Surf Spot with Chris Culpen

Last week was one of those weeks when you just want to snap out of "real time reality". I cannot say that reality for me is mostly bad cuz its not, its usually pretty dam good! However, looking at news about Haiti, checking out a new website "" on Liberia's reality, going thru some mayor personal changes, I desperately started looking for a surfer to shoot on a now spontaneous surf trip. I just can't shoot the birds and fish around me if I took off on my own, there is no one there!

As I drove that desperate day around the city, I decided to stop by my shaper friend Juan Jimene's surf shop "". A guy I met before new year pops up from Juan's shop. Chris Culpen who now helps out Juan on surf board manufacturing was happy to leave the city and ended up coming along for a short escape to paradise. Once there we had a day of choppy surf and the followed to a perfect 3-4 ft session along with Fello a local surfer from the area and friend.

Within the trip I learned that Cris had been ripping professionally since the 80's, manufacturing boards with Tim Patterson, Matt Biolos and sure has not forgotten how to surf. A funny character who can still try some flips on a surf board and me a young white indian from the Latin American bushes showed him some traditional meals in one of the paradises of this world. Rice, Lentils, Fish and Salad for $2.50, no cell phone signal, and empty waves, what else do you need when you have perfect uncrowded surf and all mentioned above?

Here are a few shots of the relaxing trip:

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