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Slab Surf

One year has gone by since the last Carnival experience at my Island Property. This year for my advantage things were mellower, surf was epic and quality time with friends were a success. The "Moco de Pavo" experience was eyes opening as time goes by I realize I am a fortunate person to have such a great farm and fam of friends. When Slab surfing comes to my mind I think about Australia, dont know exactly why cuz im sure there are tons of surf slabs all over the world.

On Friday Feb 12, 2010, I was able to drive out to the farm with my friend Pedro, Poti and Santiago "Layo" Cambefort to the farm. Little by little people showed up, built their tents and were set to stay for 4 days of chilaxation. The new rule was "watch out for coconuts and separate your trash"... None of them were applied... Oviously was a bit stressful to see people sitting under palm trees and getting mad about me telling them to watch for coconuts every 4 seconds. If any one knows how to manage that without killing the palms please let me know.

Among all my friends only "Layo" was the most capable to deliver some good sexy poses for the camera on a orange retro surfboard made by my other friend and shaper (Juan Jimenez) from

Here is a slide of the shots, enjoy...
General Slide

Barrel Sequence "Layo"

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