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Surf Charter with Bolivar

Lately I have been thinking about the rawness of this blog. I truly started this blog as a scape from the corporate life I live in and the first world material aspect of the Panamanian bushes I live in. I don't expect everyone to like how or what I write and don't expect others to love it. I just write, dont think too much or check on misspelled words...

A few years back I was starting my online tour agency, was 24 years of age approx and was looking for ways to make some $ in order to eat and pay the bills. I had heard about a great wave where I could possibly take some local pro surfers on a surf charter and make an event where funds were coming this way. I made some phone calls, sales copy, liability contract, structured a plan and started to sell the event as a secret spot boat tour. The trip was a success and I had food for a few more months on the table.

Three years after, my old friend and pro surfer Bolivar Andres called me and asked me to join him on a sailing journey to this spot. I said: Bro! im down with it! On the way to the marina I bought a six pack of beer and a pack of cigars, yes, cigars! I wanted to smoke like (Fidel Castro) and chill on the way while we navigated during the night. Usually, I travel with close friends where we can laugh and make fun of things, but this trip was a little different.

I sat down on the deck, smoking and drinking my beer. As soon as everyone showed up, I felt everyone was different and had a different thing to say. Imagine; There was 2 riders from a surf company team and 1 ex owner of the competitive surf company (Conversation Topic - Company A vs Company B), 3 young kids (early 20's) who were in charged of a 1 million dollar worth sailboat (Conversation Topic - None - Quiet all the time) who had just navigated from Ecuador to Panama and me (Conversation Topic - Cigar and Beert). Weird? sounds different to me!

So, I was asking my self if we were going to score the waves I had originally seen on my first trip. The answer was NO! However, was able to catch some shots of this session...

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